Health Tourism

Medical or Health tourism

Medical or Health tourism has become a common form of vacationing and covers a broad spectrum of medical services. It mixes leisure, fun, and relaxation together with wellness and healthcare. The idea of the health holiday is to offer you an opportunity to get away from your daily routine and come into a different relaxing surrounding.

We are a private limited company registered in the UK and offer affordable and quality private medical procedures by specialist doctors at internationally certified healthcare provider clinics in various mutually agreed countries including Turkey, Morocco, Croatia, Poland, and the Czech Republic at a fraction of the cost one would incur in your country. We have an extensive network of carefully and professionally vetted, over 40 private clinics which are internationally based, focusing on Hair transplantation, General Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery Dentistry, Eye Surgery, Weight loss surgery, and Cosmetic Surgery.

We only associate with private healthcare providers that are approved by the Ministry of Health of that respective country and had extensive experience in such procedures and hold quality and hygiene certificates from international bodies and are well-reputed in the community.

Our clinics are run by UK-qualified doctors and nurses, so you can rest assured that not only you will be in safe hands but the pre-operative and post-operative care and advice will be at its excellence.


Why Choose Us

Our full all inclusive medical holidays package comprises of:


All-inclusive package includes

All in TREATMENT PRICE plus transfer from and to the airport, English speaking personal male/female assistant, accommodation for the patient at the clinic approved hotel incl. breakfast follow up consultations if and when required.

Once you have decided to undergo the procedure, we will discuss with you in person all the details and make arrangements at your convenience. Simply give us a call or send an email with your contact number and the time to contact you and we will call you back to discuss your requirements and the way to address them.